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James Buchanan Barnes grew up the only way a kid from Brooklyn can and stay standing: tough and determined. He applied those traits not just to school and athletics, but to protecting his best friend Steve Rogers. Although "Bucky" entered the Army before his friend, it was Steve-- then Captain America-- who ended up in the lead, with Bucky following gladly until a battle with HYDRA cost him his arm and apparently his life.

The nearly-dead Barnes was captured by the Soviet Union, fitted with a mechanical arm and brainwashed into serving them, and then HYDRA as the mysterious and deadly assassin known only as the Winter Soldier. Seven decades later, his path crossed again with Captain America, who helped break his chains. Healing his broken mind is another story.


This Bucky is based on the MCU version, with only occasional tidbits from the comics worked in to fill the gaps until such time as the MCU decides to fill them in for me. His default canon point is between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, but that is highly flexible.

I can play in action or prose, past or present tense, as needed. I'm not the fastest tagger, but will happily backtag a thread forever, so don't worry when RL gets in the way. Mun and muse are 21+ Bucky/the Winter Soldier belongs to Marvel Entertainment, Sebastian Stan is his own person, and I lay claim to neither.

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