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It's not Brooklyn, but then again, these days even Brooklyn isn't Brooklyn. At least, not the borough he remembers, and it has nothing to do with the colors and the languages and the people-- it's the fancy coffee shops and expensive apartments and five-star restaurants. So when they finally let him off the leash enough to get his own place in the city outside of HQ or the Tower, Hell's Kitchen is one of the few neighborhoods that feels close enough to home.

And yes, he knows all about the Devil. Bucky's even seen him leaping across rooftops. But Bucky's not here to make trouble, and he gets his fill of scrapping when he's out saving the world. Daredevil's got the streets covered, and that's fine by him.

Besides, being two blocks over from his favorite should-have-been-a-one-night-stand didn't hurt when it came to picking out his new place. In fact, after exchanging a couple of texts to let Jessica know he was going to be hanging his hat not too far away from her place, James now finds himself making sure he's got enough liquor in the cupboard, waiting for her to arrive.
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The parts of him that were practical and still very much tactically minded were screaming at him that this rendezvous was a bad idea. Bucky honestly had no idea who this Tammy girl was, and what she wanted other than what he hoped he'd interpreted from their texts. But he was a free man now, a person in a way he hadn't been for decades, and if he was going to make a mistake, it was going to be his mistake, dammit, and no one else's.

But it didn't feel like a mistake. Bucky had always believed he had good instincts with women, and his track record before and during the war seemed to bear that out. And Tammy didn't feel like things were going to go south. If they did, he'd be ready, of course.

The hotel he'd given her the address to was nice enough to be comfortable, but not so extravagant that it would make a stir, either with anyone who might spot him or the bean counters who'd see his expenses. At the knock on the door, Bucky confirmed through the peephole, then opened the door.

"Hi," he offered, waving his hand for the woman to enter.
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There are a lot of good things that have come since Bucky was finally cleared to join the team, but having his comings and goings monitored since he still didn't have a place of his own is not one of them, especially since it's Tony Stark who gets that information. But at least he usually isn't alone, since there are still a few others who haven't ventured out into living in the city.

The Tower's relatively quiet, and Stark himself is out doing whatever it is he does when he's not wearing the suit, so Bucky doesn't have much problem raiding the good liquor cabinet on his way to Wanda's rooms. He arrives at her door with an ice cold bottle of vodka and two glasses, pressing the button to announce himself.
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There had always been an element of danger in his and Yelena's encounters-- after all, living on the edge of darkness had been the trait that had been their common ground when first getting together, and that thread had run through every other time their paths crossed. But this one had the potential to be particularly risky, as it specifically involved the idea of rendering James less than completely in control of himself.

But then, if there was anyone in the world who could handle his "vodka-fueled monster", it was a Black Widow who was also intimately familiar with him.

And so as he waited for the woman to arrive at the hotel he'd chosen for the rendezvous, James cracked open the first freezing cold bottle and began to knock back icy shots, letting the alcohol burn through him. He sat down, feeling the vodka start to do its work on him as he waited.
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She'd called him a boy scout. Bucky had never actually been one, but growing up, he had probably been close enough, doing well in school and athletics both, and looking out for Steve. But he doubted that even in these modern times with modern sensibilities, most scout troops wouldn't consider making end-of-days sex preparations to be the kind of things a good scout would get up to. But after a text conversation that had Bucky adjusting his pants within the first five minutes, it's definitely what he wants to be doing.

Ever since he'd returned, he and Natasha have been enjoying a casual and very enjoyable time with one another, and it seems as though he's about to step through her door and into another novel adventure. Maybe there's something more, something deeper underneath the fun, and maybe not. Bucky's certainly not going to jeopardize it just to do some soul-searching. That's just not who they are, as far as he knows.

So all that brings him right to Natasha's apartment door after being summoned. Apparently, his last text had been enough to get Natasha's mind off flirting and onto making good on all the innuendo. Bucky knocks, then prepares himself for anything.
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As he ascended in the elevator, Bucky asked himself for the dozenth time why he was bothering with the whole exercise. It wasn't as though he was really expecting anything to happen (although truth be told, he would more than a little okay if it did), and he really wasn't in any position to be spending the kind of money he was promising.

But when it came down to it, Wanda was one of the few people he knew who didn't look at him like they were wondering when he was going to snap again and they'd have to put him down for good. She knew enough about what he'd been through, because she had too, in a way.

So it was with hopes of getting back into her good graces and with a "borrowed" Stark Enterprises credit card that he knocked on her door.
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The message on his phone is like ones he's gotten dozens of times from Sara during their all-too-frequent times apart. It simply gave him a date, a time, a GPS location, and a few short words. This time it's "See you there, Sergeant, and make sure to rest up and eat your Wheaties beforehand." The very idea that Sara was planning something she was hoping would exhaust even him was more intriguing and exciting than he could say.

Arriving right on time, he's not surprised to find that he's been directed to a hotel. It's one he's never stayed in himself, as far as he can remember. Neither the KGB or HYRDA sent him on very many missions to Buenos Aires, but he knows enough Spanish to get around.

The exact coordinates take him right to the reception desk, where a clerk grins and wordlessly hands him a small folder with a key card and a room number written on it. He takes the elevator up, opens the door to the room, and steps inside.

And nearly passes out.

"Sara...? Natasha...?"
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Cutting the bike's engine, Bucky sets down the kickstand and swings his leg over. He looks up at the building he's here to visit and shakes his head at himself. The conversation had started mostly as a joke, but when it turned out that it was likely to happen, he'd gone with the "what the hell" option and went for it. Which brought him here to this building, carrying a plastic bag with cardboard and styrofoam containers of Thai food, heading up to Jessica Drew's apartment with the express intention of getting into bed with her.

There aren't many people who can actually say they not only understand his situation but have similar life experiences, considering what he's been through. Hell, the fact that there's more than just him is pretty amazing. But Jessica is one of them, so even with their limited encounters so far, he's got a certain level of trust there, which is why he texted her in the first place.

Bucky knocks on her door, ready for just about anything. "Delivery?"
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It's not. But right now, I can stroke myself and imagine your mouth. Nothing lives up to actually fucking you.

[He's getting better at this, so he quickly replies with a picture of his hand around his cock.]
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